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The Master's Martial Arts Academy

The Master’s Martial Arts Academy (TMMAA) is a dojo that is dedicated to teaching the self-defense skills in karate, kobudo, akido, jujitsu and judo within a Christian philosophy and environment.

Our classes teach discipline and respect for others. Participating in The Master’s Martial Arts Academy is a wonderful opportunity for you to develop personally while getting a total fitness program.

In our classes, we teach and encourage the development of the whole person. You will learn personal discipline, acquire excellent physical conditioning, and learn biblical principles that apply to your life, develop personal-defense skills, gain confidence and have fun while working toward Black Belt!

In only a short time you will begin to experience some amazing positive changes in your life or your child’s life.

Congratulations on making the decision to do something for yourself today!

Explore Our Programs

karate studio florence, ky

Kid’s Classes

These classes are for all kids ages 5-12. We focus on positive reinforcements. Children learn “There is no first strike in karate” – Gichin Funakoshi. We help children to understand that karate is for self defense purposes only but that it is a lot of fun as well.

Through our teaching and techniques, kids learn not only the moves in karate but also how to focus their energy in the karate classes and out so they can focus on things like school and increase their reading levels and math skills.

Self-Defense Classes

Self-Defense is a big part of our curriculum to earn your black belt. We also offer periodic Self-Defense seminars.

These classes are for age 12 and above to use basic techniques that can be used in real life situations to save your life.

Classes are available on average once a month or by request.

karate studio florence, ky

karate studio florence, ky


Many adults have come to karate to achieve different goals in life. For some it is to lose weight and not be in the boring gym routine. For others its to take control of their lives and do something for themselves. Many adults have come to the dojo and started karate and find they start a different lifestyle – from quitting smoking to gaining the confidence to go back to college

The Master’s Martial Arts has been a point of new beginnings. These classes are for anyone age 13 and older.